Leff Kazakov
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Leff Kazakov
Curator of 1500+
musical events
Event Producer & Entertainment Booker Coordinator of Nightlife, Bars, Clubbing, and Special Events | SMM marketer
  • About me
Vibe Creator, and Venue Promoter orchestrating events that go beyond the stage
With a vibrant background rooted in Moscow’s iconic Rolling Stone nightclub, I’ve curated over 1000 nights of musical brilliance. Specializing in DJ performances with live instruments, I seamlessly fuse beats and dynamic energy across genres. As a versatile music event coordinator, I handle not only DJ performances and live bands but also excel in TV show presentations and stand-up shows, ensuring every event is a symphony of entertainment.
Your event, your music
let's create your perfect beat!
As your personal Event Music Coordinator, I craft the ideal mood for your special day. From tailored playlists to smooth event timelines, I make sure of a stress-free celebration with unforgettable moments. Additionally, I’ll assist you in picking and booking the right DJ/artist, ensuring a perfect musical atmosphere tailored to your vision.
Event categories
Dance party
with Dj performance and live instruments
Live band performance 
BBQ party
Hip-hop artist performance 
Awards ceremony 
Tv-show presentation before release
Stand Up
Birthday party for creative agencies 
Staff party
Examples of venue’s
Crafting immersive
musical experience
and unforgettable
  • Events highlights
Organized a live concert with Justice from France. Managed SMM, making sure of effective pre-event promotion. Contributed to the sale of 5000+ tickets, marking a milestone in the event’s success.
Audio Bullys, London
Booked, advertised, and on-site coordinated an event with the acclaimed band Audio Bullys from London. Over 1000 attendees, marking a stellar success.
Mezza and Mike Rock
Birthday and concert Hip-Hop artist Mezza in the evening and night with Headliner an official DJ Monster Energy Drink — Mike Rock. We reached 15,000+ online through social media, connected with 2,000+ attendees offline.
Grand Terrace Opening with whisky Jack Daniels
Two Nights of Exceptional Music, I booked and curated Headliners Live Bands, DJs, and Smart Brand Integrations, Drawing Over 2000 guests.
Nasty Mondays Bcn. Event supported by Miller
Guest of Honor at our event featuring Nasty Mondays from Barcelona, Spain, supported by Miller. Booked, advertised, and coordinated, engaging over 10,000 online and drawing 1000+ attendees.
Eskei83 World Champion of a Red Bull DJ contest
Organized performance by Eskei83, known for winning the Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championship, with Miller as the main partner. Drew over 1k guests and achieved online brand engagement of 15k on social media.
Feel the vibe
of previous events
Dj performance incorporating various live instruments
like the drummer, guitar, sax, violin, and trumpeter
Dj performance incorporating various live instruments
like the drummer, guitar, sax, violin, and trumpeter
Dj performance incorporating various live instruments
like the drummer, guitar, sax, violin, and trumpeter
Built a Stage for DJs and Live Performances at Rolling Stone Bar
Booked and curated over 100 live band performances
From Dance Electronic, New wave Indie-rock to pop punk, synthpop, Dancehall & Jungle, Hip-hop
Booked and curated over 100 live band performances
From Dance Electronic, New wave Indie-rock to pop punk, synthpop, Dancehall & Jungle, Hip-hop
Booked and curated over 100 live band performances
From Dance Electronic, New wave Indie-rock to pop punk, synthpop, Dancehall & Jungle, Hip-hop
1000+ parties with
thousands of guests
Launched two flights at Red Bull Flugtag, demonstrating excellent leadership and organizational skills.
Guided the creative process for nightclub merchandise, designing and manufacturing pins, t-shirts, and keychains in China
Music Event
Let me take the lead in coordinating your music event. This includes booking the ideal DJ, understanding your specific wishes, and seamlessly integrating every element. I handle all coordination, ensuring your event is a harmonious blend of music and memorable moments.
Event Planning
and Talent Booking
Deep SMM
Brand Integration & Merchandise Production
On-Site Music Event Coordination
choosing the right DJ/artist
understanding your wishes
creating tasks, building the ideal event flow
intimate gatherings & upbeat celebrations
ensuring a stress-free experience
event advertising
venue promotion
targeted FB Ads (running ADS, not just boosted posts)
strategic brand awareness campaigns
engaging content creation
audience core identification for effective reach
boost your event
with brand integration
custom merchandise
create concepts for integration
coordinating your music event
communicating and handling all coordination
ensuring a harmonious blend of music and memorable moments
and partners
What partners say
with me
about working
  • Testimonials
Dennis Fox,
World Ballet Series
Stage Manager
New York, USA
I was head of the technical side of a National tour of the World Ballet Series when I had the pleasure to meet and work closely with Lev Kazakov. The tour was a rewarding but exhausting experience and Lev had a key part in making everything work on schedule and smoothly. He was tasked with multiple key roles during the months long tour which often meant long days and juggling multiple tasks at the same time. Lev was dependable, seemingly tireless and maintained a positive attitude even in the face of difficult circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending Lev highly to anyone considering him as a candidate for a position or as a partner in some venture.
Anton Zhivaev, Rolling Stone bar
New York, USA
It was an amazing experience! Working within the bar I was glad that Lev trusted me as an employee to do my job well! It was very easy to find ways to communicate with him to resolve work issues. Glad that criticism was valid and only after the work was done on my part and not during the workflow.

Leo always tries to understand your work and at least roughly understand what you are doing and how it can be improved if it is necessary, and what not to demand from you if it is not possible.
Alexander Kondukov,
Rolling Stone Russian Edition
Moscow, RUS
Team leader of the 24/7 Rolling Stone Bar in Moscow — one of the most impressive night club in Russian Federation. At work Lev is the man of the many faces — creative director, delicate host of the party, one of a kind project manager. Man of the great energy, dedicated to his work, very clear in every aspect of his job. It was pure pleasure to work with Lev and his perfect dj team during my stay at Rolling Stone Russian Edition. He was perfect creative director, i wish him even better luck. He understands people and easily achieves the result.
Artemiy Antonov, Jagermeister Services RUS
Experiential manager
Moscow, RUS
"I worked with Lev for several years, around 2015−2018. At that time, he was the manager of one of the most powerful and coolest establishments in Moscow — the Rolling Stone Bar. Lev was always tactful in both communication and negotiations. I can call him a great professional in this field. We concluded and managed several contracts between the brand and the bar, dealing with numerous details such as branding, events, and key performance indicators."
Yuri Surin,
Brown-Forman LLC
Sr. Brand Manager Jack Daniel’s
Moscow, RUS
Lev is a reliable, creative and proactive partner. We’ve cooperated on several on-trade projects for brand activation and events. Execution has always been great, all agreements met, deadlines respected. Lev demonstrated himself as a supportive and helpful partner, always ready to deal with unforeseen complications
Evgeny Bukreev,
OOO Red Bull (Rus)
on premise Marketing Manager
Moscow, RUS
“Leo is a very creative and active person with good knowledge of modern digital marketing and customer service.”
Evgeny Morozov,
OOO Red Bull (Rus)
Head of Culture Marketing
Moscow, RUS
Leo has shown himself as one of the strongest professional from this industry.
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